Drosophila nasuta species group

The nasuta species group of Drosophila consists of 12 species that diverged <2MY ago, and which show varying degrees of pre- and postzygotic isolation. This is mimicked by varying patterns of behavioral isolation, including different male courtship songs and courtship behaviors, male frons coloration, and differences in female choice.

Courtship song differs among members of the nasuta subgroup.
Morphology, behavior and song co-evolve in the D. nasuta subgroup

We use video, song recording and hybrid QTL analysis to study the genetic basis of behavioral isolation

We have been generating high-quality chromosome-level genome sequences for species in this group, to study genomic patterns of differentiation.

Relevant publications:

Mai D, Nalley MJ & Bachtrog D (submitted). Patterns of genomic differentiation in the Drosophila nasuta species complex.

Nalley MJ & Bachtrog D (submitted). Rapid evolution of male courtship songs in the Drosophila nasuta species cluster.

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