Doris Bachtrog, PhD
Principal Investigator

Ryan Bracewell, PhD
His research focuses on speciation in D. athabasca.
Kevin Wei, PhD
His research focuses on the evolution of chromatin structure in D. miranda.
Silu Wang, PhD
Silu will join Jan 2020 and work on speciation genomics of hybrid populations
Kamalakar Chatla, PhD
Associate Specialist
His work focuses on protein knockdown and speciation in D. melanica and D. nigromelamica.
Dat Mai
PhD Student
His research focuses on speciation in the D. nasuta group.
Alison Nguyen
PhD Student
Interested in the role of the Y as a heterochromatin sink.
Carolus Chan
PhD Student
Interested in chromosome and chromatin evolution.
Emily Chong
Lab Manager, Technician
Assisting in speciation projects.

Former Lab Members

Former students
Fyodor Kondrashov. Current Position: Professor, IST, Vienna Austria.
Tatiana Gurbich
Karen Masae Wong Miller
Emily Brown
Lauren Gibilisco
Shivani Mahajan

Former postdocs
Dr. Zhi Zhang
Dr. Jeffrey Jensen. Current Position: Professor, University of Arizona
Dr. Steven Lockton. Current Position: Scientist at Sequenom.
Dr. Beatriz Vicoso. Current Position: Assistant Professor, IST, Vienna Austria.
Dr. Qi Zhou. Current Position: Assistant Professor, Zhejiang University, China.
Dr. Vera Kaiser. Current Position: Staff Scientist, University of Edinburgh, UK.
Dr. James Emerson. Current Position: Assistant Professor at UC Irvine.
Dr. Chris Ellison. Current Position: Assistant Professor, Rutgers University, NJ.
Dr. Raquel Assis. Current Position: Assistant Professor, University of PennState, PA.
Dr. Andrey Gorchakov
Dr. Wynn Meyer. Assistant Professor, Lehigh University, PA.
Dr. Yukako Katsura.
Dr. Emily Landeen.
Dr. Sarah Signor. Current Position: Assistant Professor, North Dakota State University.

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